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P2P is here to pave a way for smart investors

The most precious resource we have today is time. From purchasing groceries to gold, we can now buy everything online. So, have you ever thought about lending online. Why have we been contingent on the traditional ways, while being hi-tech with everything else. The need to do burdensome tasks of submitting several documents and filling various forms and the never ending wait is now over.

Through our peer to peer lending platform, we fill this gap and provide the opportunities to lenders to invest their money into "Alternate asset class for investment" for better return. Borrowers are equally benefitted through availability of funding at their ease and convenience through a simple process for borrowing.

Save time, be smart and earn some passive income. Here are some reasons why Peer to Peer lending should be a part of your investment portfolio.

  • Investors are given full freedom to choose whom they want to lend; how much they want to lend (you can start as low as Rs. 2,000) and for what period do they want to lend depending on how risk averse or risk tolerant they are (period can be anything between 3 months to 36 months).
  • Furthermore, P2P lending helps you manage market volatility and earn higher regular fixed monthly income; through monthly EMIs.
  • Have you been investing in bank fixed deposits, mutual funds etc? Diversify and add value to your portfolio and become a smart investor by investing in P2P and enjoy an opportunity of earning higher risk adjusted yields. At OML you can earn interest upto 36% depending on your risk appetite. Earn higher interest by selecting borrowers of your choice of risk profile.
  • Our credit team tries to minimise your risk through stringent credit assessments, intense borrowers due diligence and selection through our own proprietary algorithm We also have a tie up with CRIF to determine borrower's risk profile. In addition we have associated ourselves with one of the leading solicitors and law firms to take any legal action if required to protect legal interests of our investors. We have partnered with collection and recovery agencies too. Besides we also provide an insurance on your principle amount in case of death or permanent disability of a borrowers. In order to mitigate your risk we advise you to invest in various borrowers to diversify your risk so that you can manage your risk better and can look for higher return on your investment, net of any delinquencies.

Speculating how and when to invest in Peer to Peer lending?

Don't worry all you need to do is open a lender account at and follow a few easy steps. Don't miss out on this relatively new but exciting alternative asset class and add value to your investment portfolio today!


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