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Benefits of Planning Your Yearly Travel Well in Advance

Whether you are a free individual traveller (FIT) or a group individual traveller (GIT), the benefits of planning travel ahead of time are many. These include, among others, priority preferences for your airline seat and your hotel room, scheduling activities at the destination, ensuring advance pickup and welcome preparations, having a say and choice for holiday activities, and the like.

Get the Best Instant Loan for Travel Purposes
If you have dream of a holiday in an exotic place, then lack of money should not deter you from realising your dreams. With OMLP2P, this financial feasibility is ensured so that you can spend your valuable time in planning your holiday.

Avail the Best Interest Rates
At OMLP2P, you are offered the best personal loan with attractive interest rates. All your dreams and aspirations for realizing that trip can now come true with personal loans starting at 10.99% p.a. What's more, OMLP2P team ensures end-to-end process and subsequent disbursal of personal loan to your bank account in approx. 3-4 days.

Apply for an Instant Loan Online
The entire process to avail a travel or vacation loan is just a few clicks away! OMLP2P handles the documentation and easy loans are available on transparent loan terms. What more to say, its unsecured - No security required.

Borrowing money from OMLP2P is just a three-step process for you -
1. Register & create Profile
2. Upload Documents
3. Loan Documentation

Benefits of Availing a Travel Loan
Taking a personal loan / travel loan for holiday is a good way to avoid the high interest rates which you would have to pay if you were using a credit card. A personal travel loan offers you a lower rate of interest and allows you to repay in a time-bound manner.

Planning your Personal Loan & Having a Strategy for Repayment
However, you should be clear of one thing. You need not borrow if you have money in your bank account or you really don't need the travel loan. Also, while going in for a vacation loan, you need to do market research and due diligence with regards to the interest rates, loan amount the repayment terms and if there are any associated monthly fees and so on. You can use personal loan EMI calculator before committing to a loan to calculate how much your repayments will be, how long it will take to pay back the loan and options for making extra repayments. Always pay your EMI in time to build your credit score for lower interest rate and faster disbursement.

Enjoy your Vacation with hassle free travel loan from


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