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Fees & Pricing

Transparency is the plinth on which our foundation is laid. As a leading online p2p lending platform, we play a key role in liaising with quality investors, screening and credit risk assessing of the loans, verification, document collection and loan monitoring. We verify and track every step of the loan process, ensuring the online money lending process is smooth and transparent. We make borrowing online unsecured loans easy, fast and hassle-free.

Fees & Pricing


particulars Borrower Lender
A) Registration Fee Rs. 200 NIL
B) Loan Processing Charges for Borrowers

Varies from 1% - 10% of Disbursement Amount depending on OML Risk Grade and Tenure of Loan.
Minimum Charges: Salaried - Rs 2,000
Self Employed - Rs 2,500

C) Disbursement Processing Charges for Lenders NIL 1% of the commitment amount
D) Change in Bank Account Details Rs. 1,000 Rs. 1,000
E) Change in EMI Date for Borrower Rs. 500 NIL
F) Prepayment Charges NIL
(Prior to three months, to protect investor interest, pre-closure can be done after paying balance interest due to the investors for a period of three months from the date of disbursal.)
G) Cheque Bounce Charge Rs. 250 NIL
H) Repayment Delay

3% per month interest will be charged on the due amount for the duration of the delay or Rs. 250, whichever is higher and (Rs. 50 per investor will be charged additionally). All expenses including legal and operational incurred by OMLp2p for collection of delayed EMI or settling of account will be borne by the borrower and paid to OMLp2p. Rs. 500 per legal notice sent by OMLp2p for collection of dues will be charged to borrower by the platform.

I) Request for Change in Loan Terms After Any Funding Commitment Rs. 1,000 NIL
J) Lender Backing off After Commitment NIL Rs. 2,000
K) All Applicable Stamp Duty Charges Borne by the borrower as per actuals NIL
L) Guarantor Inclusion (documentation and verification charges) Rs. 500 (Currently waived off) NIL
M) Risk Grade Definition: OML credit appraises borrowers based on information provided by them and uses standard credit appraisal methodoloigies to segment into seven bands. For personal loan applications, bands range from P1 to P7, (P1 -Lowest Risk, P7-Highest Risk). For business loan applications, bands range from B1 to B7 (B1 -Lowest Risk, B7-Highest Risk).
Personal Loan Risk Grades
Prime P1
Very Low Risk P2
Low Risk P3
Medium Risk P4
Medium to High Risk P5
High Risk P6
Very High Risk P7
Business Loan Risk Grades
Prime B1
Very Low Risk B2
Low Risk B3
Medium Risk B4
Medium to High Risk B5
High Risk B6
Very High Risk B7

Note - All fees and charges are non-refundable and applicable GST charged over and above fees mentioned