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Peer to Peer Lending -Investments in Hyderabad

Peer to Peer Lending in Hyderabad

Peer to Peer Lending in Hyderabad


Peer to Peer lending in Hyderabad is an option for investment on verified creditworthy borrowers without using a traditional bank or credit union. If you want to invest in P2P Loan, it’s worth become a P2P lender. Especially if you have access ideal funds in your bank account. You can start investment to earn as high as 36 % returns.


Peer to Peer lending in Hyderabad is the best investments options to earn good returns.  You either lend to or borrow from friends/relatives and return to them in a certain time. Mostly these are interest-free transactions and based on mutual trust and certainty. But in peer to peer lending through OMLP2P you can get complete security on your investment as per the RBI guidelines, where you can get fixed monthly additional income with specific time period agreed between borrower and lender both.


With the help of peer to peer lending in Hyderabad you can invest money online for various purpose like; Personal Loan, Business Loan, Marriage Loan, Education Loan, travel Loan, Medial Loan, etc.


Imagine there is a borrower who needing a Rs. 1,00,000 loan. He is ready to give 18 % interest rate for that. So why not to invest some amount and get good returns with interest rate.


Your funds are safe and secure since, all your money in your wallet remains in the Escrow account maintained and managed as per the guidelines of Reserve bank of India. This Escrow account is manged exclusively by the Trustee being empanelled with SEBI.


Register now on for Peer to Peer Lending in Hyderabad and start earning as high as 36 % returns on your investment.